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Roof Inspection In Weaver & North Central Alabama

Without actually going up on the roof, most property owners can detect apparent roof problems such as absent or flapping shingles. Numerous different types of damage, on the other hand, are not as noticeable to the untrained observer. In these cases, it is critical to seek a professional before the damage impacts the home s integrity. If your roof is comparatively new, shows no evidence of interior leaks, and has not been subjected to major weather extremes since the last time it was inspected, a visual examination from the ground, as well as a quick check for leakages in your attic, should suffice. But in other situations, a thorough roof inspection should be performed by a professional roof inspector who has knowledge and experience in this field.

Newman Home Inspections is trained and certified to perform a thorough roof inspection. We employ a Bluetooth drone to gain the most accurate information possible. No matter what the pitch of the roof, size or type, the drone gives the inspector the ability to inspect the roof even if the roof is wet. This is just another feature of the quality of inspection you will receive.

Why get a Roof Inspection?

The roof of your house is most likely the most important part of it. It protects you from downpours and extreme weather, such as heavy snow falling or high winds. The most common error property owners make is to assume their roof is without defect and only seek help when a leak appears in the ceiling. This results in larger issues, such as unwelcome building issues, mold growth, or compromised insulation, to name a few. By having your roof inspected on a regular basis, you can avoid future headaches. Furthermore, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. Call Newman Home Inspections when you need a quality home inspector in Weaver.

Hire A Certified Roof Inspector To Get The Answers You Need

It is quite common to have doubts and questions about your home. The roof is an integral part of your home which needs to be rock solid. In order to make sure that your roof is as solid as you presume it to be, you should get your roof inspected. The professionals at Newman Home Inspections are well adept at providing you with a very comprehensive and exhaustive roof inspection. They have the knowledge and practical experience in this field and therefore are capable of attending to and clarifying all your doubts and questions regarding the same. Contact us now and get the answers you need from a certified roof inspector.

We offer Roof Inspection services in Talladega, Oxford, Jacksonville, Gadsden, Anniston, Huntsville, Montgomery

  • How often do roofs need to be inspected?

    The frequency with which a roof should be inspected depends on the roofing material, the local environment surrounding the building, and the roof’s age. Generally, a roof should be inspected twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. This ensures that your roof is ready for each of the seasons with more severe weather.

  • How do I know if my roof is bad?

    It might be tough to determine when your roof needs repair. Generally, signs of roof degradation that would necessitate repairs and possibly a complete replacement are:

    • Shingles are missing, cracked, and filthy
    • The roof is sagging and drooping
    • The appearance of mold, fungus, and moss
    • Internal wall and ceiling leakage
  • What is routine roof maintenance?

    Routine maintenance must be performed regularly. Routine checks and machine servicing are common elements in routine maintenance. The major goal is to detect problems way before they cause permanent damage. Routine maintenance lowers the need for emergency repairs, keeps your roof new consistently, saves wear and tear, and extends asset life.