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Get a Thorough Stucco Inspection based Weaver, AL Servicing the Entire State of Alabama

Don’t let hidden issues with your EIFS or stucco exterior lead to costly repairs.

While EIFS or stucco exteriors can add aesthetic appeal to a property in or near Weaver, AL, they can also pose problems if not installed or maintained properly. EIFS and stucco testing are beneficial if you are buying or building a home using these materials. At Newman Home Inspections, LLC, we specialize in EIFS and stucco inspection services that help identify any potential issues. From moisture intrusion to improper installation, we’ll thoroughly inspect your EIFS or stucco exterior and provide you with a detailed report that outlines any concerns we find.

Avoid Costly Repairs With Our Professional Stucco & EIFS Inspections

EIFS and traditional stucco exteriors have been known to cause major system failures due to their poor installation and lack of proper maintenance. This can result in water intrusion and structural damage, leading to expensive repairs and potential health hazards from mold growth. At Newman Home Inspections, LLC, we have the expertise and certifications to provide thorough inspections and detailed reports that will help you make informed decisions about your property. Don’t risk the financial and health consequences of a poorly maintained EIFS/Stucco exterior and schedule your inspection with us today.

Get Your EIFS & Stucco Tested Today!

Schedule your EIFS and stucco inspection with Newman Home Inspections, LLC today and ensure that your property is in top condition. Our certified inspectors will identify any potential issues with your exterior and provide you with a detailed report. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take action now to protect your home in or near Weaver, AL.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is an EIFS inspection?

    EIFS stands for Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS), also known as EWI (Exterior Wall Insulation Systems) or External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS). An EIF System inspection aims to locate problem areas with excessive moisture in the frame and sheathing. The professional contractors may take a whole day or more to complete the stucco inspection. Experienced, certified EIFS inspectors are at your service to check for signs of wear and tear and conduct moisture warranty and detection tests.

  • How do you inspect synthetic stucco?

    Synthetic stucco, or “exterior insulation and finish system” (EIFS), is a type of exterior wall covering. These days, builders can choose between synthetic stucco, natural stucco, and a combination. Touching the material with your bare hand is the quickest and most reliable technique to spot synthetic stucco (EIFS). The wall will have a plastic-like texture when stucco is applied to it. The gentlest knock on the wall also works. Sounds thin and hollow? That’s what you get when you put EIFS on your house. Real stucco will have the weight and firmness of concrete in both sound and touch.

  • How often should stucco be inspected?

    If you want to ensure your stucco is in good shape, you should check it once every two years. While you may easily do your inspection of this material, it would be in your best interest to have professionals come by and do a stucco inspection for you.